Credentials / Philosophy:

Training for my current avocation started early at Syracuse University School of Architecture where the lessons of eastern US and European thinking toward architectural problems were prevalent. Upon graduation, I then migrated to the west coast to absorb the alternate ideas of the climatic, and geotechnical conditions of this region and Asian aesthetic influences existent here. The combination of these two regions on my training has given me a wide breadth of experiences to draw on when solving various building design problems. Additionally, I have worked for a variation of size firms absorbing the lessons of dealing with building types from high rise towers all the way down to aviary’s for birds.

Starting in California, I have become registered in every State I have inhabited as I have slowly migrated northward including Oregon and Washington. From this has evolved an interest in treading lightly on the land when possible, building in a sustainable, energy efficient manner but still retaining a sense of design that allows one to recognize that there was a willful intent at the conclusion of the project and an absolute appreciation for the surroundings in which we have placed ourselves.

I employ some of the latest 3d software products and techniques for allowing the client to experience as much as possible what the finished product will look and feel like to stand in the middle of their intended creation. This allows to the end user to be made fully aware of the value of their investment before they have actually committed their hard earned assets. This allows the process of design to be highly diverse in ‘trying on’ different solutions before actually breaking ground. The use of 3d virtual reality process in the end allows for a very integrated approach to the actual construction sequence and allows the architect and the contractor to solve building problems before they bring the process to a halt.

This method of working allows us to offer services such as 3d realistic imaging for accurate and intriguing renderings for demonstration, fund raising, and explanation tools to users. We also offer planning services enabling us to work on and depict large site designs from a more realistic human perspective. We can develop virtual reality site abstracts that allow site features to be clearly shown and to demonstrate their impact on the design of a large project from a bird’s eye view or humanistic view or worm’s eye view.

We also engage in documentation of existing buildings, permit acquisition, construction management, and environmental design and sculpture as a slightly different aside. We offer diverse expertise from home design, to additions both residential and commercial, to remodeling existing residential and commercial buildings for people as well as consulting on creating facilities and enclosures for the care of or display of the animal world all the while trying to solve all these issues with an eye as to how to do it in an as economical fashion as possible.

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